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Rozion by ClaimTheKiller Rozion :iconclaimthekiller:ClaimTheKiller 0 0 Irene and Aoi by ClaimTheKiller Irene and Aoi :iconclaimthekiller:ClaimTheKiller 1 0 Irene, Pre and Post Transition by ClaimTheKiller Irene, Pre and Post Transition :iconclaimthekiller:ClaimTheKiller 1 0 OC Ichirou Dokgo by ClaimTheKiller OC Ichirou Dokgo :iconclaimthekiller:ClaimTheKiller 2 0 Yakuza Bub by ClaimTheKiller Yakuza Bub :iconclaimthekiller:ClaimTheKiller 4 0 Self portrait kinda by ClaimTheKiller Self portrait kinda :iconclaimthekiller:ClaimTheKiller 3 0 Superhero..? by ClaimTheKiller Superhero..? :iconclaimthekiller:ClaimTheKiller 1 0
When the Words Turned to Numbers...
I felt sweat as it beaded down my forehead, carefully evaluating my options as I pressed deeper into this website. What drew me towards it, I have no idea. Maybe the sheer mystery it posed for me. Maybe it was stupidity. None the less, I still pushed forward.
The endless amount of green numbers skidded past the screen, constantly changing, constantly making me dizzy. I pressed my glasses back onto the bridge of my nose, then frantically bringing my fingers back to my keyboard. I heard static for a moment. The green screen finally stopped blurring past my already impaired vision. Finally, the last firewall breached. All fourteen made my life a living hell, each more difficult to pass than the last.
I let out a breath I'd been holding in for who knows how long. My fingers stopped shaking, but the screen didn't stop looking eerie. The black background just stayed, humming at me for a moment. I watched as the black flickered for a moment. I waited for a solid few more minutes, the screen s
:iconclaimthekiller:ClaimTheKiller 2 7
Nerves by ClaimTheKiller Nerves :iconclaimthekiller:ClaimTheKiller 4 0
The Whisper Between Words: Chapter 4
I no longer see through the boys eyes now. Just a pure black background, nothing painted on it. Struggling to think correctly, I feel my body pulsate with warmth as though wrapped in an easy burning ember blanket. Yet even in this warm darkness, I don't feel alone. I can't shake the feeling of being watched over. My heart palpitates quicker as the feeling grows nearer. My body is motionless, (considering I'm back in a comatose state) and it makes me even more frightened. To not be able to move while paranoia fills my brain, every muscle tensing out of sheer instinct, it makes me feel like crying.
My fingers tingle and twitch as I return to my conscious mind, lucidity filling my bones. My ears even start to wake up. I feel relief, as I can realize that I can finally move once again.
"... It looks like. We've been giving her water for..." I hear a fuzzy masculine voice ring slightly in my ears. My eyes peer open, a blurry figure facing another equally as hazy as them. Blinking rapidly, I
:iconclaimthekiller:ClaimTheKiller 1 0
Mature content
The Whisper Between Words: Chapter 3 :iconclaimthekiller:ClaimTheKiller 1 0
The Whisper Between Words: Chapter 2
Throughout the day, I drift in and out of thought in school. He won't leave my mind. The boy with no name, as Victoria calls him. I ended up telling her about him a little bit into theatre. She giggles and won't stop prodding into more than the vague details I gave her.
"Corvus!" she begs, tugging at my sleeve. "You've gotta give me more details! How old did he look? What was he wearing? Jesus, at least tell me what his eye color was!" She squeals in anticipation as I attempt to calm her down.
"Look, it's not that big of a deal. He looked like a boy with blonde hair. Maybe brown eyes, something dark. He looked around seventeen, or maybe a bit older. He was wearing a jacket and some jeans I think." I feed her unhealthy obsession with my knowledge of him
Victoria grins slyly as she imagines him, her hands fiddling through her pocket for a candy. "He sounds like someone my type. Did he say anything?" She finds her guilty pleasure, saltwater taffy, and offers me a piece though I deny, tryi
:iconclaimthekiller:ClaimTheKiller 1 3
The Whisper Between Words: Chapter 1
I sit in my old Scion XB in the school parking lot, with my blue backpack in hand, grey painted fingers, stubbornly refusing to reflect the nonexistent daylight, wrapping around the sash. I take one more big heave—sucking in until my lungs hurt and exhaling to where I am satisfied—my fingers fumble with the lighter as my shaky mind told me to stop, to put it down right then and there. But my addiction can't be helped, as I raise the lighter to the cigarette placed between my lips. Letting the smoke seep into my mouth, I feel all my stress melt away, fingers tapping away at the remaining ash at the end.
People walk by my car, smiling and waving to me through the tinted window. I wave back, the humid car a bit unpleasant before I roll my window down slightly, letting the sweltering heat blow out, while the smoke followed. The sweet cherry tobacco slips from my lips and I feel well again. Diffusing the mini-bomb between my fingers, I press it firmly into the ashtray in my car.
:iconclaimthekiller:ClaimTheKiller 1 4
The Whisper Between Words Prologue
A damp boy with curly blonde hair rested his head to the window. It hurt to think about what he had just been through. He didn't need to remember what he had just done, all he had abandoned. The last of whatever bus money he could manage, all wasted on a trip to a small city no one would ever be able to find him in. He grinned at the thought of leaving, as the rain dripped down the cold window, now being fogged by his breath as well as the heater in the bus.
It was shitty weather in Centralia, once more. It was hardly ever sunny and it was always a miracle when it was. He drifted off into his thoughts; thoughts of the beautiful goddess with with blue eyes painted onto pale skin, framed by waist length blonde hair. She was the only reason he kept moving, the reason he stayed alive, despite his hope running slim. His dark eyes met his own in the reflection in the window, clear raindrops dripping down the plate. His fingers gently touched the humid and cold window, his eyes darting throug
:iconclaimthekiller:ClaimTheKiller 1 3
Euro Girl 2.0 by ClaimTheKiller
Mature content
Euro Girl 2.0 :iconclaimthekiller:ClaimTheKiller 1 3
Guro Girl by ClaimTheKiller
Mature content
Guro Girl :iconclaimthekiller:ClaimTheKiller 0 0


Yoosung by Artgerm Yoosung :iconartgerm:Artgerm 8,234 350 Swim Swim by qosic Swim Swim :iconqosic:qosic 169 3 Winter Night Miku by Shei99 Winter Night Miku :iconshei99:Shei99 439 41 light snow fall by amomiu light snow fall :iconamomiu:amomiu 68 9 Midori by Ladowska Midori :iconladowska:Ladowska 387 7 Magical girl by yagamisiro Magical girl :iconyagamisiro:yagamisiro 259 5 [OPEN] Set Gore Adopts by Emofudgecakes
Mature content
[OPEN] Set Gore Adopts :iconemofudgecakes:Emofudgecakes 8 0
Goretober 22 - Surreal gore by ZeTrystan Goretober 22 - Surreal gore :iconzetrystan:ZeTrystan 171 35 . : halloween ych [closed] : . by prince-no . : halloween ych [closed] : . :iconprince-no:prince-no 321 64 Do What U Want by rinna-ri Do What U Want :iconrinna-ri:rinna-ri 501 90 `10/22 Fallen by CannibalHarpy `10/22 Fallen :iconcannibalharpy:CannibalHarpy 49 7 :COM: Rini by Nanami-Yukari :COM: Rini :iconnanami-yukari:Nanami-Yukari 758 110 Halloween Themed YCH Batch by FelonDog Halloween Themed YCH Batch :iconfelondog:FelonDog 23 8 Chara by Ashirei Chara :iconashirei:Ashirei 161 9 Day Nineteen: Cyclops by Moonlight-pendent13 Day Nineteen: Cyclops :iconmoonlight-pendent13:Moonlight-pendent13 117 34 + RP + Best Friends + by AngeKrystaleen + RP + Best Friends + :iconangekrystaleen:AngeKrystaleen 509 238



This is my character that I made up a while ago as an alias. :3 She's my youtube persona!
Irene and Aoi
These girlfriends are adorkable
They're so very gay...
Also that's another new OC
I love her too
Irene, Pre and Post Transition
Here's my OC
I love her.
She's my cute lil trans baby.
I'll post her bio later.
Enjoy her :3
Working on Goretober stuff. They'll all be finished and posted by the end of the month ;u; sorry it can't be earlier but I'm going to do my best! Hope October is good to you my lil bubs
hey guys :D I'm Marie, and i have a bit of an announcement for my (not-so) hardcore fans. Im working on a manga/story thing. I've got the general idea, but i was wondering if anyone wanted to help me a bit? ^^ If you're interested, send me a note or put a comment down. I'm willing to listen to most ideas (as long as they don't affect the overall plot or are extravagant changes to the main characters. I'll be posting their pictures soon too, so be on the look out!
Till next time!
L8r G8r's



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I'm actually 16, i have a lot of fandoms i like, and I do some writing. Im really in love with anime and books, and i do Guro, but i will alert you when its there ^_^ Please be kind to one another! This is for fun!


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