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This is my character that I made up a while ago as an alias. :3 She's my youtube persona!
Irene and Aoi
These girlfriends are adorkable
They're so very gay...
Also that's another new OC
I love her too
Irene, Pre and Post Transition
Here's my OC
I love her.
She's my cute lil trans baby.
I'll post her bio later.
Enjoy her :3
Working on Goretober stuff. They'll all be finished and posted by the end of the month ;u; sorry it can't be earlier but I'm going to do my best! Hope October is good to you my lil bubs
OC Ichirou Dokgo
So this is my OC UwU
Please give constructive criticism of you'd like.
Name: Ichirou Dokgo
Physical Description-
Species: human
Race: half Korean, half Japanese
Skin tone: pale yellow
Hair Color: dark red
Hairstyle: mostly in a ponytail or bun
Facial Features-
Nose: broad
Jaw: angular
Cheekbones: not defined
Brow: thick
Color: brown
Shape: almond
Weight: 140 lbs
Personal Information-
Personality type: very aggressive and snappy
Sexuality: heterosexual
Clique (If in school): Yakuza Orphans
Do they play any sports? Archery, sword play, and track
Do they play any instruments? Sing? no
Are they artistically talented? no
Are they a Leader or a Follower? leader
Food: Kaiseki Ryori
Drink: Sake
Class: Archery
Animal: Cat
Color: Purple
Type of Music: hard rock
Genre of books: comic
Subject (if they are in school): none
Place: Hideaway in Kitami
Career (If they are still in school, what do they plan to be?): Yakuza child
Are they happy in their job/ at school? Kind of
Do they have any serious hobbies? Archery, sword play
How do they get to work/school? They live there
If they own a car, describe it:
How long is their commute?
Who do they live with? The Yakuza Head
Are they married? no
Do they have children? possibly
Are they in a romantic relationship? no
Who is/are their love interests? Aoi
Is someone in love with them? yes
Do they know about the love? Not really
What is their relationship with their parents like? He hates them
Mother's name: Rumiko
Father's name: Do-Yun
Siblings' names:
Do they have any pets? yes
Names and species: Mimikyu; Cat
Childhood friends: Riku
Were their parents ever divorced? yes
If so, how old was the character? 5
Was the character ever abused? yes
If so, by who? His mother
What kind of abuse? Verbal and physical
How long did the abuse continue? Until he was 12
How was it stopped? She died of a heart failure
What was their relationship with Grandparents? He doesn’t care about them
Have they lost a Grandparent? All of them
Aunt/Uncles? no
Does the character have any psychological disorders? PTSD
Personality disorders? no
Borderline personality disorders? no
Eating disorders? no
Do they self-injure in any way? If so, what method? He used to (and occasionally still does) bite his skin until it bleeds
Why? It made him feel better and not be able to feel as much pain.
Do they have any addictions? Used to smoke
Religious beliefs-
What religion does the character identify with? none
How does the character practice this faith? None
When did they find their faith? Were they born into it? None
Does their faith cause any problems? none
Are they ever persecuted? no
Any other notes: he is a very emotionally damaged person, though he is really sweet. Much like a tsundere except he isn’t entirely mean to the love interest due to his pure interest and fascination of her. He doesn’t yell at her or hurt her unless she really sets him off. He is very quiet and is often known as the “Bad Kid”. Part of the Yakuza’s orphans doesn’t help him much either in school, since the Yakuza has finally forced him to educate himself. Fears mostly losing his only ‘real’ family and is scared of being alone again. He doesn’t really appreciate becoming the beta male
hey guys :D I'm Marie, and i have a bit of an announcement for my (not-so) hardcore fans. Im working on a manga/story thing. I've got the general idea, but i was wondering if anyone wanted to help me a bit? ^^ If you're interested, send me a note or put a comment down. I'm willing to listen to most ideas (as long as they don't affect the overall plot or are extravagant changes to the main characters. I'll be posting their pictures soon too, so be on the look out!
Till next time!
L8r G8r's



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I'm actually 16, i have a lot of fandoms i like, and I do some writing. Im really in love with anime and books, and i do Guro, but i will alert you when its there ^_^ Please be kind to one another! This is for fun!


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